1:1 Strategy Session

60-Minute @ $697

Looking for clarity or guidance on how to build your Digital Launch Plan? Need support mapping your sales funnel?

This 1:1 Strategy session includes a 60-minute session, recording + plus your Digital Launch Plan Step-by-Step Guide.

Sandra is BRILLIANT!

She is truly talented and blessed with an amazing gift of being able to see deep into your business and be able to create a strategy that will drive your business into a success that is sustainable and prosperous. 

I needed some help and guidance with a landing page I was creating. Sandra happened to have an opening and jumped right on a call with me. She not only helped me create a beautiful and effective landing page, but she also educated me on how to do it in the future.

She empowered me with the knowledge I needed to continue my marketing strategy. Sandra is fun, and so easy to work with. Her services are effective and precise. I look forward to working with her in all of my current and future endeavors.

I can count on Sandra to help my business become successful.

Personal emPowerment Coach

When I met Sandra I was so tired and overwhelmed by creating a landing page for my podcast. I was trying to make the fonts look nice, make sure that my funnel worked and that my customers would have a overall seamless experience from me.

It wasn’t until I sat down with her in our session that I found clarity and confidence to launch my landing page.

Since working with her on that page, I have been able to consistently collect emails and build a list that I can promote to and share insights to about the podcast.

I’m so thankful for her. Without her, I’m almost certain that my podcast wouldn’t have a waitlist of people waiting for launch day!

Sandra is the GOAT!!



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