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This week, on the Courageous Hustler Podcast, I’ll be sharing one of my biggest fears. I have been challenging myself more and more to do more public speaking.

This year I took Command The Stage with Patrice Washington. If you are considering becoming a transformational speaker I highly recommend this program.

And because of her and this program, I have been able to step into this new lane of not being so scared to tell my story.

I use to carry so much shame around telling my story out of fear that people would judge me for it. And the truth is once I was able to understand that there is a way you can deliver your story in a manner that will serve people was the most freeing thing ever. I share my story now in hopes to help others. I share to give others permission to do the same for themselves.


In this episode, I share my STEP UP Method

S: Self-Awareness & Self-Discipline

T: Therapy for the trauma

E: Expand Your Mindset

P: Personal Development

U: Upgrade Your Vision

P: Pursue Purpose with Unshakable Passion



Micayla Robinson: Amazing Podcast Producer: https://drum.io/micaylarobertson

Patrice Washington: https://patricewashington.com/

Command The Stage: http://commandthestage.com/

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