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In today’s episode I talk about the first step in my STEP UP Method. 

If this is your first time here: This is what the Step Up Method stands for: 

Therapy for the trauma
Expand your mindset
Personal development 

Upgrade Your Vision
Pursue Purpose 

With Self-Awareness being the first step, I wanted to give you some insight on how I use self-awareness. The interesting thing about self-awareness is that we are often asking ourselves the wrong questions.

Most of the time we want to know why. Why did that person hurt me? Why do they do what they do? Why does it hurt? 

But I like to use what I call my “What, why, and what rule” when I am doing some self-reflection & self-awareness. 

What occurred that made me feel uncomfortable, sad, upset, etc?

Why does that matter? Why am I giving this importance? Why is it triggering me? and then I go back to the what. What am I making this mean for me? What happens if I stay stuck in this feeling, state of mind, or emotion?

Internal Self-awareness and external self-awareness is so important because the more we understand both, it easier it is to cultivate great relationships, the better communication we can have with each other and the more confident & creative we can be about ourselves. 

Let me know your thoughts and if this resonates with you. 

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