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In today’s episode I had the honor of sitting with Pastor Courage Molina.  


Pastor Courage is a Faith Coach and everyone’s favorite Bible Teacher! 

She believes the foundation of becoming your most bold, confident and courageous self is in the daily habit of studying and applying the word of God to your life! 

We had a great conversation on self-awareness. One of my favorite and biggest take-aways from today’s episode was when she said “You don’t need to audition for the specific purpose God has created for you” 

I hope this episodes encourages you to ask yourself more questions. Don’t ever stop discovering and uncovering who you are. 

Remember that someone else’s lies do not need to become your belief. We have been conditioned since childhood to think a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way. And that has truly diluted who we are truly suppose to be on this earth. 

Tell me what your biggest take away from today’s episode? 


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Retreat Website: bit.ly/FaithIgnitedRetreat2022

Church Website: www.boldfaithchurch.org

IG: @boldfaithchurch IG: @couragemolina

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