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Sandra has an innate ability to coach a big group yet be able to make it feel personal. She tackles every question and breaks down responses to ensure there is a full understanding. I believe Sandra is a natural teacher, a true coach driven by one mission to ensure each person excels and she does this with her calm, patient, and purpose-driven approach.   Sandra has varied and vast knowledge which is so important in group coaching. 

Having connected with Sandra for our virtual MasterMind sessions, I knew I had to progress, I needed some guidelines and I connected with her for a strategy call, and officially the rest is history.  

For my call with Sandra, she was able to help me get rid of my doubt on this subject matter and I was so fascinated by her knowledge, navigation and valued her engagement. Sandra strives for excellence and gives her all in what she does. 

I can proudly say that I started with nothing and Sandra was able to effectively qualify me and narrowed down my best selections and got me up and running and she shared in the joy and happiness that I felt. Nothing like a sense of accomplishment. 


Empowerment Coach

Sandra has been so kind and helpful from the very start. She worked most recently with me on my Cubicle Ditch Academy launch.

Thanks to her assistance it ran smoothly and I made 70k in 7 days!

She’s knowledgeable, creative, and a natural problem-solver. She goes over and beyond and I truly appreciated her for this. From hopping on Zoom calls for clarity, jumping on my webinar to provide tech support for the hundreds that attended live, dealing with Facebook ad drama, and even creating a bonus funnel training for members of my program, it’s safe to say that she wears many hats – and wears them well!

Thanks, Sandra for all that you do, I cannot wait to continue with you on this journey!


Gaynete, Millennial Mentor & Best-selling Author, gaynete.com

Hiring Sandra was one of the best decisions I made all year. Not only does she makes your life easier but she is incredibly loyal, dedicated and thinks way outside the box so whenever you think you know how you want things done, Sandra comes in and figured out a way to make it better, easier, quicker and simpler. I highly recommend working with Sandra the only reservation I have is that I wish I could keep her all to myself! She is amazing! 

Another Hidden Gem about Sandra is that she’s a wonderful Supportive Coach so if you are running masterminds and you’re finding that you can’t scale Sandra is an incredible addition to the team. When I started my Mastermind this year, Sandra came on as one of the Lead Coaches and the level of support and value that she added to the Mastermind was phenomenal. I highly recommend that you hire Sandra immediately if not sooner.

Rachel Luna

Confidence Sales Coach & Best-selling Author, RachelLuna.Biz


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