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Have you seen other coaches crushing it on this space and wondered how the heck are they doing it?

Or maybe you think, they must have a big team supporting their sales process?

The truth is when you put a few systems in place, you can easily stay in touch with your prospective clients to encourage them to buy from you by simply implementing a few automated tools in your business.

Start with an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a series of emails that go out to your warm audience on a pre-determined schedule. They’re written for you to connect and engage your audience and pull the readers further into your funnel.

Typically, an autoresponder series is also known as an “automated email sequence” will have at least seven emails in it. It starts with an opt-in on your website where you are asking your visitor for their email in exchange for some FREE value. For example: “weekly tips to stay productive during the busy with the kid’s summer days” or “daily motivation for busy mompreneurs.” When your reader fills out the form, they will automatically be added to your autoresponder list, and you have at this point captured their attention.

The key though is to write your automated email sequence with specific calls to action. It’s not enough to just give them tips for being more productive. You have to also give them the opportunity to buy your products or services. Don’t forget your call to action!

When done correctly, your email sequence can help you bring in more sales and keep the cash flowing, even when business is down.

The fastest way to get your autoresponder up and running is to use a tried and true email provider such as ActiveCampaign. It’s simple to set up, and extremely affordable. Plus, you’ll find many VAs who are experienced with it and can support you in getting started if you get stuck.

Go back and look over your most popular blog posts and products. Posts can always be repurposed to provide valuable content to your subscribers, with a natural upsell to matching products or services.

You should also address the most frequently asked questions you get or address any objections that have come up in the past.

This is what helps you stand out and create a compelling email sequence that your readers will actually be on the look for and read. If they are reading with interest they will eventually buy from you.

As they move through your email sequence, you want to keep in mind that subsequent offers should be more and more valuable, with the occasional low-priced offer thrown in.

ActiveCampaign can easily move people between email sequences based on the actions they take. That means they’ll see exactly the offers they want and need, and nothing else.  It can make selling so much easier, save you time, and best of all, completely automated.

Here are the steps to follow:

STEP 1: Lead Magnet » Create and launch your Lead Magnet

STEP 2: Opt-In & Thank You Pages » Create & launch your landing pages

STEP 3: Automated Emails » Write and upload your Automated Email Sequence. Nurture your email list with value and give them a CTA

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